An Interview with Margaret Yocom

Through the Twisted Woods interviews folklore scholar, poet, and specialist in women’s folklore Margaret Yocom. Dr. Yocom took time out of her busy schedule at the American Folklore Society Conference to talk to us about feminist folklore studies, searching for women’s voices in fairy tales where female characters are silenced, and her work on the fairy tale All Kinds of Fur both as a scholar and as a poet since these roles are interlinked and scholarly insights can be gained through the process of creative writing. Dr. Yocum discusses the power of erasure poetry to find powerful messages.


Dr. Yocom has been kind enough to provide us with some example pages from her erasure poem “Kin s Fur” below.




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“Waking” by Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman

Two of our founders, Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman, have a new poem out in Liminality! Liminality highlights voices and stories that are betwixt and between, and we highly recommend their back issues, as well as the current issue.

Our poem, “Waking,” combines two well-known fairy tales, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, to craft a new tale about rejecting old stories and forging new paths. It’s self-consciously feminist, but upon re-reading, I found myself thinking about non-normative states and sleeping, about the generative possibilities of dreaming across bodies and borders…

You can read “Waking” here.