By Derek Newman-Stille


Today I chat with Kate Story about her latest performance “Festivus Rattus Rattus 2035”, an adaptation of the Pied Piper tale. Story and I discuss the complexities of adapting folk narratives into performance and the importance of adapting folk tales to talk about important issues. Story explores the performance’s examination of complex issues like child abuse, capitalism, climate change, and violence. Festivus Rattus Rattus 2035 is a post-apocalyptic tale set in Peterborough Ontario after a plague.

Here are some details about Festivus Rattus Rattus 2035


Date: Thursday, November 30 – Saturday, December 2, 2017
Time: 8 p.m.
Location: The Theatre on King (159 King Street, Suite 120, Peterborough)
Cost: $15 or pay what you can
The performance features Derek Bell, Brad Brackenridge, Sylvie Dasne, Naomi Duvall, Rob Fortin, Ryan Kerr, Shannon McKenzie, Mike Moring, Susan Newman, Robyn Smith, Kate Story.

For more information please visit




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